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Helpful Printer Tips - Inkjet and Laser Printer Solutions

Helpful Printer Tips

Below are some articles that we have found useful related to many different types of questions or issues computer users have regarding there inkjet or laser printers.  Overtime your printer may begin to have weird issues ranging from error messages you haven't ever seen to simply resetting a toner or ink light on the printer after you have installed a new cartridge.  If you suspect you have a similar issue as one of our help articles below we suggest you take a few minutes and see if the steps we have provided will be of value to you and your printing issue.

If you have a solution to a printing issue that isn't listed, please use the contact link above to submit your helpful hint to other printer users!  Enjoy!

Brother Printer / Cartridge Tips and Suggestions

Brother Printer & Cartridge – “out of toner”, “low toner”, “toner life end” error message and override -
This article is intended to help you extend the life of your Brother Toner. When your Brother printing is getting low on toner, here is a simple and easy trick to extend the life of the toner for up to 1,000 more pages.

How to Reset Brother HL-2040 Toner Light -
This article will help you reset your Brother HL2040 toner light after you have installed a new cartridge and the toner light doesn't go back off.